Founded in 2008, the Mississippi Association Gang Investigators (MAGI) includes Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Court System Professionals whose interest or primary investigative responsibilities include the identification and prosecution of crimes related to gang activity. The MAGI Website is provided to members and guests information relating to the Association, links to other Gang Investigator Associations, online resources regarding gangs, and a public forum relating to gangs.

The MAGI Mission is to promote the rapid collection, analyzation, exchange, and dissemination of information concerning gang related incidents, suspects, and intelligence among gang professionals.

MAGI coordinates efforts among gang investigators with a view towards a more extensive and rapid dissemination and exchange of information concerning gang-related incidents, suspects, and investigations.

MAGI encourages and supports legislation that decreases or curbs the occurrence of gang-related crimes, as well as assists the judiciary and related agencies in the adjudication of gang defendants. We support efforts to get longer sentences for violent gang crimes, or those involving three or more offenders; tougher mandatory sentencing for violent offenders who commit a felony involving a firearm; and the hiring of additional prosecutors in judicial districts across the state in an effort to reduce caseloads.

Magi also encourages the development of new methods and techniques that will assist investigators in the identification and apprehension of gang members suspected of crimes, and cooperates with all agencies, who are attempting to develop innovative investigative situations, while providing training to all interested agencies and citizens.

We can provide information to our members and briefings to our communities on street gangs, drug distribution and use, problems in school, violence in the community, and other topics that students, parents, teachers, community leaders and business leadership have an interest in.

We formed to address the problems seen with the increase of street gangs in the state, and continued gathering information on hate groups, white supremacists, Christian identity groups, outlaw motorcycle gangs, Asian gangs, Hispanic gangs, hybrid gangs, and any other organized criminal operation that threatens the safety and security of the citizens of the Great State of Mississippi.


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